Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Details on the Cone-Azalia After Party

After the event on Sunday - racers, family and friends should plan to go to Original Gravity Brewing Company for some great food, beer, and prizes. We have tons of swag to unload and in addition to the spectacular pub menu - The Mother Loaf Breads will be there to offer up some delicious homemade brats featuring OG's County Street Amber, with horseradish mustard, Brussel-Kraut, Potato Salad and homemade bun! Also, Brad is installing an additional bar on the patio just for us and I've just received word that this year's Cone-Azalia IRA (O.G. = 1.049 - 4.5%) is now on tap! You need to try this smooth, citrusy and refreshing session style India Red Ale! It's brewed entirely with Mosaic hops and a unique German base malt to give it a rich red color. It's the perfect beer following a long and arduous bike ride! ;)